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Rheem water heaters vs. Reliance water heaters Comparison

  • Rheem water heaters are available in the different selection options to suit the varied industry. The wide range of models is design to fit your budget.
  • Choose the water heater as the preferred energy source.
  • Availability of the after-sales service for regular maintenance, installation, parts repair, and technical support is easy to find.
  • Parts of the systems are readily available in the local stores.
  • Different size options are given that suites your requirements.
  • The compact design makes it easy to install the system under a countertop.
  • No venting through the roof needs to install the water heater in your home or industry.
  • Flexibility to convert the existing natural gas system to the propane gas system without much modification.
  • Small size water heaters with the capacity of 20 gallons are also made available by the Rheem.
  • Rheem water heaters are the best for the mobile home market.

Reliance water heaters

  • The reliance water heater is made of the specialized material that extends the water heater’s life span. The rugged construction of the system gives the system requires durability.
  • The low operating cost would save a good amount of money on maintenance.
  • All the models come with replaceable parts, so you can replace the damaged part under warranty if something goes wrong with the water heater.
  • Endless hot water for your whole family is available every morning without waiting for the water to heat up. The tank-less water heater is capable of producing a continuous flow of hot water for your regular use.
  • Energy conservation is considered the priority while designing the water heater. Traditional water heaters consume a good amount of energy. Comparatively, the Reliance water heater is designed to run only when hot water is needed. It heats the water as per the demand and does not waste the energy in heating and storing the hot water in the tank. It improves the water heating capacity, and you get a low electricity bill.
  • 94% of the fuel is used to heat the water without wasting it to heating the container. Therefore, the tankless water heater can lower your energy bill dramatically.
  • Many of the reliance water heater models save space in the room. Different types of water heaters with various shapes and sizes are available to meet household requirements. Use the 40 to 60-gallon storage tank that easily fits in the 5 feet high to 2 feet wide area.

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